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Beyond Hotdish

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I'm a personal assistant specializing in helping people who are going through significant life changes like career adjustments, medical issues, relationship changes, or making a move.  


I can help. 


A. So Handy!

Two hours a week of errands, personal projects or office tasks.

$130 per week


B. 80 Less Things To Worry About

One morning or afternoon a week, crossing items off your to-do list.

$260 per week

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C. Work/Life Balanced:

Scheduled time to get your life back. Doing what needs doing.

Rates upon request

At coffee recently, a friend called me practical, loyal and empathetic.

I’m part Mary Poppins, and part Girl Friday!

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Martha Parish


I have 22 years of professional experience in event planning.  

During that time I have been fortunate to wear many hats! I have worked on local and national events for some of the best characters around.  I know when to dig in and work harder, and I know when to stop, listen and observe.

I'm close. I live in the suburbs of the Twin Cities Metro area.


Getting to know people and taking care of problems motivates me.  Making things work smoother for others is my passion.  

Here are letters from past clients:

The light of my life was extinguished when my mother passed away during the middle of the COVID pandemic. Because she was living in memory care, no one from our family was able to visit her for the previous four months.

I was unnerved at people’s sincere attempts to comfort me after Mom was gone. It seemed no one knew what to say – and nothing they said made me feel any better. I began to resent their attempts, which was obviously not healthy for my emotional well-being.

When I spoke to Martha, her sympathy was evident, but through her words it was apparent she wasn’t trying to “fix me” or “make it better.” She was to the point, clear and concise, and made me focus on what needed to be done – which was a very welcome diversion from being overwhelmed by my grief.

Martha is a gift to anyone going through loss who needs help focusing on the to-dos.

Shari G., Maple Grove

As a busy working mom, I can't say enough about how working with Martha puts me at ease.  She is extremely detail oriented and great at implementing projects that she is given!  I've had her help in planning ALL of our Disney trips, and we go a lot!  There is Disney magic, aka pixie dust, and then there is Martha magic - she's amazing and actually out performs Tinkerbell.

Martha is able to work with any budget, project or personality and make magic happen.  With all of the busyness in our lives, she is a well-kept secret of how I get things done!

Deborah E, Apple Valley

I'm Beyond Hotdish.

I can help!

Martha Parish.jpg

When your problems can’t be solved by just a hug or a hotdish... call me. I'm...


My services include--

Running errands

Daily scheduling

Clearing your to-do list

Helping to fill in (or empty out) your closet, kitchen or hobby items

Researching travel plans or your special interests

Connecting you with the best professionals to fit your needs

Here are three simple options to choose from:

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